From the Archives - Guide Rangi's Concert Party

The Guide Rangi Concert Party had a long history of performing twice-weekly cultural shows for tourists at the Rotorua Concert Chambers, along with Guide Kiri's Concert Party which shared the Concert Chambers stage on alternate nights and Gertie Morrison's Concert Party which performed at Tamatekapua.  Many of us, as young as 9-10yrs old, grew up on the stage performing along with our mothers, aunties, nannies, brothers, fathers, uncles and koroua.  It was how we maintained the performing arts and at the same time, earned a small stipend for the two hour performance.  We loved performing and there were was much more variety in the concerts of those times including a lot of comedy - we were at that time allowed to laugh at ourselves, something which the PC brigade sadly brought to an end.  However, our kuia, koroua and matua persevered with the concerts which expanded into contracted performances in the hotels and as we all well know, those concerts continue to this day.

The accompanying photograph was taken in 1966 of Guide Rangi's Concert Party before leaving for Australia for two weeks of performances at the Brisbane Town Hall.  It was a wonderful first time overseas experience for many of the younger members of the group and continued the tradition of concert groups travelling and performing their arts and skills to the world.  The photograph eventually became a postcard and includes many who have long since passed on but who will be forever remembered.

We hope "From the Archives" will become a regular panui on the website.


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