Research Project on Te Pakira - Rawiri Tapiata

To help create a resource for our Tuhourangi whanau (and to help me pass my reo Maori course!) I'm doing a research project on our marae, Te Pakira.  In particular, the research is looking at:

1. Some of the history of the marae and hapu, who the rangatira were, who the kaikaranga (callers) and kaiwhaikorero (orators) were.

2. The current state of tikanga, whaikorero, karanga, and reo.

The questionnaire is aimed at answering the second part, more specifically, tikanga.  Once completed (approximately Dec 2014), the research paper will be published on the Tuhourangi website and Facebook site for all our whanau to access.  It would be invaluable and helpful for the hapu and marae as a whole if you could spend ten minutes of your time filling out the questionnaire (only 6 questions!) even if you're not involved much with the marae at all.

Heoi ano, naku

Rawiri Tapiata

Rarangi Patai / Questionnaire


Wahine / Tane

1. How much do you know about the tikanga (customs & protocols) of Te Pakira marae?

None - Very Little - Little - Some - A lot

2. How often are you at Te Pakira marae-based events (e.g - wananga, tangi, hui etc.)?

Every week - Every fortnight - Every month - Every six months - Every year (once a year) - Every five years - Never

3. Do you wish to learn more about the tikanga and kawa of Tuhourangi and our marae?

Ae (Yes) / Kao (No)

4. If yes, what are some of the barriers that inhibit your involvement with the marae and iwi? (Choose those that apply to you)

a) Don't know anyone from the hapu/marae, or where to start.

e) Living too far from the marae.

i) My whanau aren't interested.

o) Too shy.

u) Another reason: ____________________________________________

Tena rawa atu koe i whakautu i nga patai nei - thank you for being a part of this kaupapa!

Click on the link below to complete the online survey page - easy as! The data will be collated online, so no worries about printing and sending papers back:  

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