Te Arawa River Iwi Trust (TARIT) - Short Term Internship/Wai Ora Koura Project

Iwi recruits are being sought for short term internships on the TARIT Wai Ora Koura project.

Each TARIT affiliate is being asked to submit one candidate who might be interested in the following work for which short term contracts will be provided:

1.  An estimated 10-12 days of field work doing site evaluation, premonitoring activities and restoration work.

2.  Work days will be scheduled between September and November, occurring in 2-day sections.

3.  Payment rates will be $18/hr with approx 8 hrs per day.

4.  Flexibility is an important requirement owing to the irregular field work schedule but plenty of notice will be provided.

If you are interested in this short term internship, please contact:

Ngarepo Eparaima


027 291 3002



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