Tuhourangi Tribal Authority - February 2014 Update

General: As a result of the notice given for TTA to vacate the Whakarewarewa School, the Board has relocated its administration office to an upstairs office in the Mareikura building, Tryon St, Whakarewarewa and the Kaumatua/Kuia health service is now located in Te Mutu at Hinemihi. Scheduled monthly meetings continue and are now held in the evening to better fit with the work commitments of Board members.

Building Partnerships: The trustees have met with Te Pakira Marae committee, Thermal Valley Tours representatives and the Whakarewarewa Charitable Trust to ensure we are all working together in the best interests of our people. The plan is to take turns at hosting these meetings. A matter for consideration is whether Tuhourangi, as a people, can combine our respective interests into one tourism venture at Tarawera. TTA currently has the lease on the old Mariners cottage at Tarawera and has allowed Thermal Valley Tours temporary use to operate their Water Taxi booking office. TTA also holds the title for cultural redress property that was returned as part of the TPT settlement - either or both of these properties could be part of a tourism venture scenario.

Punaromia: This property was returned to TTA on behalf of Tuhourangi but is currently held up in the transfer process from the previous TTA trustees to the new trustees. We are waiting for the last two trustees to sign the transfer documents. At this point and until such time as these documents are signed over, neither the old nor the new trustees can do anything with the property. Hinemihi Marae committee has asked that this property be signed over to them. TTA has advised that given the current transfer situation nothing can be done, however when that is finalised TTA has a process that includes advertising such request in order to determine that it is dealing with the mandated body representing all owners.

Puarenga Stream: There is a history of pollution stemming from the Waipa mill site and with the efforts of Shane Gibbons and Rangitihi Pene working in conjunction with the Red Stag (RS) management team, all research shows that the system employed by RS is effective and well within health standard limits. A heads of agreement has been prepared allowing for a renewal of the easement to spray waste waters onto the adjacent forest lands. The agreement allows for monitoring and independent testing to ensure that RS spray rates remain within the allowable limits. This agreement includes a commitment by RS management to work with and consult with the tribe on all matters and to have a strong relationship with the tangata whenua. RS have also established an educational trust fund for Tuhourangi and have offered a confidential timber buying privilege for any TTA projects.

RDC: One of the constant demands placed on the TTA Board is to sign off on building permits and or resource management applications within our rohe. This work is mainly shouldered by our environmental subcommittee headed by Rangitihi Pene and Manutai Schuster. The Board is now moving to attach a fee for such a service which is levied on the applicant and paid to TTA. Examples of this is the new truck cleaning bay at Church Road Ngapuna, the subdivision of a farm at Waikite Valley and building a new stormwater bund wall in a creek at Lake Okaro.

TARIT:Free all day workshop on “Practical ways to improve water quality in our streams”. Free bus departs from Te Rau Aroha 8.30am for Waipa, Sat 29 Mar 2014. Lunch provided. This workshop is being run for Tuhourangi jointly by TTA and Waiariki Institute of Technology. If attending, for catering purposes, please contact rangitihi.pene@minedu.govt.nz.

Otherwise, TTA has made application to the TARIT Cultural Funding Round for an April Wananga - Takahia nga ara ki te tonga, visiting sites of significance to Tuhourangi from Maungakakaramea to the Waikato River.

TAGH: The TPT Board has been advised that due to illness, the independent director, Wally Stone, will retire and TAGH will be recommending a replacement. Legal advice is that TPT Board both owns the authority and the process to appoint. Given the feedback from all beneficiaries, kaumatua, and the TPT December affiliates meeting to manage the subsidiaries, the TPT Board has decided to get professional advice and support in order to establish a process for director appointments that will provide a sound template for now and into the future. This work may also precipitate a review of TPT funding and distribution.

TPT: Taria Tahana has been confirmed as General Manager. The Board has since formed a subcommittee to review the TPT and TPTCT structures required to deliver the strategic plan. A proposed structure has been presented to the staff for feedback.

CNI Mana Whenua: The Mana Whenua adjudication panel will commence 13 February for Kaingaroa only. TTA has interest in only one block and that is Paeroa East (behind Rainbow Mountain). TTA expects that the satellite blocks (Highlands, Waimangu and Crater) will be heard separately if agreement cannot be achieved. The plan is to have Eru George present opening evidence for TPT where he will set the scene and give an overview of the TPT case followed by expert witnesses, David Armstrong and one other (tbc). Evidence will then be presented by the two TPT affiliates (Tahu-Whaoa and Tuhourangi). Shane Gibbons is finalising the TTA evidence for Paeroa East with both Mauriora and Rangitihi. With respect to the satellites, we are holding firm to the position passed down from Anaru Rangiheuea and John Waaka that we will make no claim to Crater and in turn Ngati Rangitihi will make no claim to Waimangu and Highlands. This actually aligns with the NLC awards. Ngati Rangitihi are pushing for 100 percent of Crater as well as a share of Waimangu and Highlands.

Communication: The most effective way of communicating has been our web page and thanks to Manutai this is well maintained with items of news, notices, and articles of interest. Should you have any questions or ideas that you would like the trustees to follow up on then please do not hesitate to contact one of us.

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Tuhourangi Tribal Authority

February 2014


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